• IPO準備、IFRS導入なら

■ H2O合同事務所

We are Judicial scrivener authorized to represent my clients in real estate registrations, commercial registrations, preparation of court documents and filings with legal affairs bureaus. As a Judicial scrivener, I also represent clients in summary courts, arbitration and mediation proceedings.

■ BizWings(Making Business in Thailand Easier)

In Thailand, there are a large number of service providers of administrative works for foreign enterprises. Therefore, at the first glance, it will seem that back office work is simple and can be handled easily. However, administrative work in Thailand is currently increasing in quantity and complexity due to the trend of strengthening compliance and complications in various areas. Also, because of the different systems, languages, and cultures, the effective communication between the foreign enterprise and external vendors is challenging.

We want our company to be the “Wingman” for our clients, to be by their sides, and to set them up for success. We aim to think and fight against difficulties together with the clients. We will relieve our clients’ burden on back office tasks and enable them to concentrate more on the core business. We strongly back up the success of our clients’ businesses in Thailand and commit to walk alongside our clients on their paths of success.